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Detlefsen | kognitiv terapi
I appologize. My struggle with ADHD has been going on like forever. For a long time I was not even diagnosed and now im just strarting to find out how I can manage my symptoms. On a good day I just suffer from lack of concentration, but if I havent had enough medicine I can easily start to get majorly chaotic and even anxious. Most of the time I just feel anger.
My girlfriend says im better now compared with last year, but i put that down to treatment.
Dezember 19 2014 23:02:20

Salsa | Keep Reading
Sorry if my ealier bad language seemed quite too frank. My braind damage is letting me down when I dont see my therapist for long. I will take my medicin. Please think of it as over enthusiasm.
Dezember 19 2014 19:41:29

Schryver | Me
Your effectiveness will suffer if you dont decouple your past experience of injustice from your unwanted behavior. Being soft in your approach to people will actually open the door for putting more brain nutrition behind your act.
Dezember 19 2014 18:15:29

wir haben wieder ein Gästebuch Grin !!!
Juli 31 2014 19:46:11

Big Dragon
Juli 30 2014 19:30:59

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